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  10 Remington St 307                                                                    wade@altairIV.net

  Cambridge, MA 02138                        


Certified PC/Mac technician, with solid background in platform and media technologies. 

Able to patiently explain the complex, respond carefully, and give digital peace of mind.

Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, recognized productivity and effectiveness.

Continually up-to-date with industry trends via web and professional journals.


Certifications: Software:

A+ Certification - CB8DTT3470 OSX, OSX Server, XP, 7

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician MS Office, iWork, OpenOffice

Lenovo Desktop/Portable/Server Photoshop, Final Cut

Dell Desktop/Portable/Server Unix basics, VMWare, AD


Cambridgeport School

Technology Support Assistant               Jan 2010-present

Technology and media support for a K-8 educational institution. Installation, configuration, and implementation of systems, vendor coordination, routine maintenance, and training.

• Daily support for 200+ desk and portable units

• Service demonstration in computer lab environment

• Macintosh troubleshooting, classroom peripheral utilization

Joslin Diabetes Center

Desktop Support Specialist                           Feb-Nov 2010

Customer support for a vital research and clinical institution. Installation, configuration, and implementation of systems, vendor coordination, platform integration, and full customer service.

• Desktop support for 500+ multi-platform environment

• Macintosh integration with Active Directory, Exchange server, and laboratory devices

• Direct contact for Macintosh troubleshooting, systems, and implementation

Harvard University, University Information Systems 

Computer Support Specialist II                                                          1996-2009

Computer installation, repair, troubleshooting, and customer service coordination. Senior in-house repair depot technician, with occasional field service. University Information Systems managed a multiple vendor certified shop in conjunction with a sales operation, and serviced the entire Harvard community.

• Consistently exceeded regional production quota- vendor commendation

• Supervised technical support staff- certification and in-house training

• Service coordination with a $1M+ sales operation

Harvard University, University Information Systems

Video Technician    1981-1985 & 1990-1996 

Daily operations, rental of equipment, videotape duplication, as well as production, post-production, maintenance, RF distribution, downlink satellite feeds, and coordination of customer service needs.

• Technical support for Commencement Video broadcast and production

• Design and installation of production studio and editing suite

• Project Zero video implementation- an educational initiative

Beth Israel Hospital 1985-1990

Technical Director - Video Production Center

Operation and maintenance of a full-production and post-production studio, encompassing editing, videography, lighting, graphics, and related photo-journalism photography.

• Design and installation of 1” production studio

• Awarded for digital effects expertise- medical continuing education

• Designed digital logo effects for in-house productions


B.S., University of Connecticut, School of Dramatic Arts.  

Electronics 113, Department of Applied Physics, Harvard.    

Multimedia Development 115, Extension School, Harvard 

Continuing Certifications for Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and HP

A D D I T I O N A L   E X P E R I E N C E

CCTV Technician  

MP Video, Inc.  CCTV technician and installer. Duties included repair and maintenance, installation, and design of closed-circuit video and security systems, and medical video support.

Lecturer - Television Production 110  

University of Connecticut, Dramatic Arts Department. 

Lecturer in Video Production. Instructed students in operation of production studio, post-production techniques and scripting of soap opera. Video support and enhancement of staged productions, design of installations and technical support.


Free-lance assignments including personal computer consulting, graphical design, print design, document archiving, video support, set and lighting design, editing and post-production, document and landscape photography, audio recording, home theatre.