Nicholson Baker

"No movie still is ever as good as a photograph. A photograph catches a woman at a point where her breasts are at their perfect point of expressiveness -- the soul of her breast is revealed, or rather the souls are revealed, because each has a separate personality. Nipples in still pictures are as varied and as communicative as women's eyes, or almost."

"I'm pedestrian. I think I have to stay with the truth."

" orgasm in a complicated mind is always more interesting than one in a simple mind -- maybe that's not true, maybe sometimes a simple mind is made subtler and finer as it comes, since that's the most mental activity that's gone on in there for a while -- but I mean an orgasm in an intelligent woman is like a volcano in a mountain with a city built on the slope -- you feel the alternative opportunity cost of her orgasm, you feel the force of all the other perceptive things she could be thinking at that moment and is not thinking because she is coming, and they enrich it."